Frequenzy visits Popronde Apeldoorn

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Popronde is a travelling music festival taking about 35 bands, to 40 cities throughout the Netherlands- there’s a total of 137 bands but not every band plays in every town.  The locations in which bands play during Popronde vary from bars and clubs, to opticians and even in a church. Popronde is a great opportunity for artists to showcase themselves throughout the entire Netherlands, to get a taste of life on the road and to learn to adapt to changes quickly. The cool thing about the event is that it is free to be visited. Winning!


The Frequenzy crewmembers have been longtime fans of Popronde and we consider the mindset of the event to be the same as ours; for the sake of good music and without any competitiveness involved. Popronde exists since 2002 and expects to be a total number of visitors of over 135,000 this year, just to give an idea of how many people like this event!

Frequenzy was present at Popronde Apeldoorn, our hometown edition. We had a blast and so will you, once you go see the event at one of the upcoming targeted cities. Several places throughout Apeldoorn have been visited to see some of the awesome bands playing this year. Unfortunately, it was not possible to visit all places at the same time.
We hope our short report on-location will give you a good impression about Popronde, its artists and some of the people involved in the organisation.

Check out Popronde’s website for the upcoming dates, bands, locations and venues. Do not miss out on visiting Popronde in your town or a town near you!

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